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Thank you!!

Grilled cheese made with a toastite along with a bowl of tomato soup is the perfect way to warm up

My husband surprised me with a retro Christmas gift this Christmas! He remembered how much I loved making 'Flying Saucer Grilled Cheese Sandwiches' in the early days of our marriage and for our boys! Unfortunately somehow our ToasTite got broken, but neither of us could bear to throw it away!

And then this year for whatever reason he remembered it and found one as a replacement. I LOVE it! Thank you for a great product and for the recipes, too!

Here is a photo of my lunch from today!

Very grateful,

American ingenuity at its very best

I am a 75 year old retired high school English teacher. When I was somewhere between 2nd and 4th grade a rich uncle sent me a Toas-Tite maker for Christmas. On recent Thanksgivings memories of those early days of making turkey dinner leftover Toas-Tites came gloriously back...mouth watering(ly) back. HOW bless I am to have just ordered and received two "original" Toas-Tite makers. Thank you for keeping this wonderful culinary tradition alive!

David Woertendyke

Wayne Livermore

We had the long handle version, and my mother would make croque monsieur (grilled ham and cheese) in it using the fireplace in the living room. I never knew the name of the product, so this ad brought back a very happy memory, and now I will order one to have for myself, and some others to use as gifts. Great product, and great memories.

Wayne Livermore

Perry Skates

I had one of these when I was in the Boy Scouts, back in the early 50's... They were great to have on camping trips. I am so glad they are still available.

Perry Skates

David Christian

As kids on the 50's, our favorite lunch was a "round sandwich", usually Bologna and cheese! Electric stove on high, two minutes per side, you had a perfect sandwich ! My sister Diane was the chef in our family. The kids in our neighborhood would actually pay us $.25 to make them a sandwich. Still got our "round sandwich maker" today, use it on occasion, and still get quite a chuckle out of it! And still puts on a hell of a sandwich!

Dave Christian

Antoinette G.

I just wrote to you that I have finally found the perfect bread "Mission Flour Tortillas Super Soft to make pies.

Diane Mills

I came across your site by accident while looking at ranch homes of 60's and 70's because we are buying one and wanted ideas. Well, lo and behold, I saw it on an ad, and was so excited!! I remember my daughter's grandmother had one in the 70's. I was in high school and when I went over there I almost always had one made for me!! I loved grilled cheese and never saw one made in a round utensil like that! Love it! I will be buying a few for my daughter and her grandmother for sure and also for my husband and I to enjoy with our grand kids! Thank you for bringing back a wonderful, cozy, memory.

Joe O.

Got a Toas-Tite® Pie Iron as a gift , great for fire pit , and looking forward to coming up with my own recipes ! Retro box & everything ! Love it ! Thx !


Thank you for bringing Toas-Tite® Pie Iron back. My grandmother use to make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches back in the sixties and seventies. When she passed years ago my aunt took her Toas-Tite® Pie Iron, which my grandmother had since the fifties. It was still in pretty good condition after all those years of use. When I saw the Toas-Tite® Pie Iron serving the internet, it immediately made me smile and go down memory lane. I'm planning on purchasing a few. Thanks from one baby boomer to another!

Ken Higgins Jr.

I still have and use my Mom's & my Grandma's Toas-Tite® Pie Irons from the 1950's!!!

Sharon Ford

Was the Toas-Tite® Pie Iron a regional utensil? I am 74 and my husband is 92. We are native Californians and have never seen one. Neither of our families owned one we don't remember seeing one the homes of friends. Over 10 yrs ago, an elderly neighbor, originally from Indiana, went back to visit her children, and brought back an original one for me, as she knew I loved old kitchen gadgets. It sits on a shelf, and I was just cleaning it a couple of hours ago, and, on a whim, I did a Google search. Imagine my surprise. I am happy to learn the purpose of the utensil and the time frame. I downloaded the original pamphlet, so no one will have to guess what it is and its use.

Gerry L.

I still have our family's original Toas-Tite® Pie Iron. Haven't used it lately since I now have a smooth-top range and worry about damaging the ceramic surface. My brother bought one of your new models for my sister-in-law who remembers them from her childhood in Australia.


This sums it up: thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!! Grilled cheese, apple and cherry pies, and pizza were my favorite Toas-Tite® Pie Iron sandwiches.

Sandy V.

We grew up on Toas-Tite® Pie Iron sandwiches. I loved when my mother put in applesauce w/sugar and cinnamon best. I was lucky enough to get the original one (no box). I will get my brother and sister one of their own. Thank you for bringing this back!! 🙂

Antoinette Smith

I will love to have one again. I'll be ordering it soon. Does it work on an electric range the same as it does on gas.

Rob Marcus

I grew up with these in the 50s - 2 slices of bread with an egg. We called 'em flying saucers. Have since added ham & cheese. I still have 2 originals & have been using them ever since. So good!

Charbel Chalouhy

Hi, I've been looking for this since many years, and finally I found it and I have already purchased it... I'm loving it... But I have one question to you, why don't you make another model with a little bit bigger size to be able to make bigger sandwiches? Thank you, looking forward to see another bigger model in the market soon... Regards, Charbel.

Paul Stephens

One of my beloved memories , is my mother making us Toas-Tite® Pie Iron sandwiches while we watched TV. I am now 55 years old and promised my 14 year old son to pass our original Toas-Tite® Pie Iron to him after my passing. A family heirloom, a tradition and just a real good thing. Thanks for returning to the market.

Carol Habig

I had one and it was my parents. It was a wedding present in 1948. Mom gave it to me and told me not to tell Dad. He couldn't have it anymore. I loved it for years when I was a child and then when my Mom gave it to me. Someone took it (whose name is not mentioned) and I really wanted another. I need to watch my pennies as they are great to change things into tasty things!! Having Social Security helps to change the meals a lot. I can take hot dogs to the park with me! I saw that it wasn't made anymore until I found this!!! Thank you!!!


Going to have to get at least one of these. Had one when I was growing up and loved all the things my Mom and I made with it. Every home should have at least one if not more.

Cindy Vadner

Thank you for bringing these back!!! I am the lucky one of four girls that inherited the old Toas-Tite® Pie Iron from my mom. She used to make us saucer sandwiches with leftover meatloaf, a slice of cheddar cheese and ketchup inside! To die for! :o) I will be ordering more so my sisters can use with their grandchildren! Thanks again - love the other recipe ideas, too!


Snowed in over the holidays, we had such fun using theToas-Tite® Pie Iron. Such a great way to convert leftovers into delicious morsels.

Barbara Klibanoff

I was thumbing through the new "Sur le Table" brochure, and my heart leapt with joy when I saw the Toas-Tite® Pie Iron. Gooey melted cheese sandwiches were a staple and a delight when I was a girl in the forties. It was in constant use for years, and after we broke up my parent's home I became the owner of the Toas-Tite® Pie Iron, and raising my children with it. Now that they are adults, each is begging me for it, but I'm loathe to part with something as simple, but as special as the Toas-Tite® Pie Iron. Thank you for bringing it back! I can keep my almost 70-year-old one, and we can surprise them with their own to continue the tradition.


As a youngster in the 40s I used a Toas-Tite® Pie Iron to make after school snacks and lunches for myself. That same Toas-Tite® Pie Iron stayed with me until 2004 when I had "help" moving and it was among items missing. What a pleasure to find it on Amazon one day! My grandson is now 24 and very retro in outlook and now he's receiving a Toas-Tite® Pie Iron for Christmas. By the way, my favorite filling was apple butter. Thanks for the memories.

Norah Hendershot

Looking forward to my Toas-Tite® Pie Iron, have looked for them for years. Loved ours as a kid. Hope it works on my smooth top stove.

Nan M.

I grew up in Barrington, a suburb of Chicago. I am 57 and I still have the one my grandmother purchased, I believe before I was born. It has been LOVED. My dad is 95 and his favorite is bologna in the Toas-Tite® Pie Iron! I did not know they still could be purchased. I will be buying one for my daughter. Thank you !!!!


I saw this today...reminded of my mother and how much she loved to make 'flying saucer' sandwiches when I was a little boy. Tears came out of my eyes. I wanted to continue the tradition and bought another for my son. I still have the original version and it still works like a charm. Ahh..the possibilities are endless!!!

Melissa K.

My grandparents had a set of these, and I remember camping with my mom and making those delicious cherry pies for dessert over the fire. I'm so glad you guys remade these I am going to buy 3!! I can't wait to show my kids how awesome these things are! Thanks again!

Beverly Langlois

My grandmother used to have one of these and I remember as a kid her making them with applesauce. Just on a whim I googled Toas-Tite® Pie Iron and was amazed to see that they are available once again. I am buying one right away just to relive childhood memories.

P.J. Worth

I am 3rd gen. to use Toas-Tite® Pie Irons.  I always grew up making camp pies ( bread with com stock fruit pie filling) this was a skill passed down from my grandfather and dad over the years my family has gone from 4 Toas-Tite® Pie Irons to just 1 and I was so happy to find them now. I just got my new one in the mail today 🙂 and a can't wait to use it ! THANKS FOR BRINGING THEM BACK!

Ointacsi Margaret

Haven't seen these in years! They make great sandwiches! Wish they made them non-stick!

Claire Benoit

Yes indeed, my mother used to make us little cheese burgers in your antique Toas-Tite® Pie Iron, unfortunately I've sold it when she past away and I'll like to know where I can get one in Montreal.

Bill Ahlman

I had my first Toas-Tite® Pie Iron in 50 years! YUM! My new Toas-Tite® Pie Iron arrived in the mail yesterday, and for breakfast, I had a Taco Con Huevos Queso Pico de Gallo! (scrambled egg, cheese and pico de Gallo salsa!) I made it with two flour tortillas! FANTASTIC! A comfort food from years ago! Thanks for bringing them back!

Bill Ahlman

I just ordered a Toas-Tite® Pie Iron. I remember making grilled cheese sandwiches in my Mom's Toas-Tite® Pie Iron, which has long since disappeared. I can't wait to get mine and start using it. Oh, what memories!

Ken Barbera

Bub and Geri use to make grilled cheese sandwiches with it when we were kids in the 60's. My brother Rob 's mouth would water whenever it was brought out.  Didn't know there are so many recipes, I'll have to try some.


I have my mom's Toas-Tite® Pie Iron which I still love. The story in today's WSJ is prompting me to buy some for holiday gifts. It never occurred to us to use it for anything but grilled cheese. I love all the other suggestions and will try them.

Joyce & Aaron

Hi, My husband's brother brought by their Toas-Tite® Pie Iron they had when they were kids yesterday for Thanksgiving. We did not want turkey again today so we tried this on the burner of the gas grill today and OH MY WORD! How good the grilled cheese was. I had to google this item because I never heard of them and found you. I think we see Christmas gifts and family traditions continued here. Thank you and hope to do business with you soon!

Ana M. Perez

As soon as it arrived in the mail, we started to make Toas-Tite® Pie Iron sandwiches! We used Vegalene Pan Coating Spray when we realized the butter wasn't helping to release the bread nor the corn tortilla. We bought all the fixings to make Reuben sandwiches and it was so delicious! The kids' favorite is fresh raspberries with Nutella! The Toas-Tite® Pie Iron would make a perfect gift for everyone! If you have more than 3 in the family get at least two! Awesome device! So glad you brought this back! Thank you!

Ken Higgins

I retired almost 3 years ago...I have been cleaning out the garage, basement, and kitchen cabinets. Yesterday I found my Mom's old Toas-Tite® Pie Iron hidden in the basement. My wife never saw one before...I was so excited to show her how they worked and what tasty sandwiches I made with it in the late 40's! She was amazed that after 70+ years it still worked GREAT and found your link..GREAT ideas never die!!!

Steve Crespo

I grew up with the Toas-Tite® Pie Iron.(we are talking the mid 1950's or earlier); I did not know its name but I loved making grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes in the middle) I googled for this item several times and for several hours but I could not find it. But I went to a specialty kitchen gadget store and the manager found it in 3 minutes.

Leslie Hughes

I don't remember a time that I didn't get Toas-Tite® Pie Iron sandwiches. I remember my mom making cheese ones since I was probably 4 years old around 1980. At the time she worked at a Williams Sonoma cookware store and bought it there. We still have ours and I break it out every now and then to make one for my nephew.

Dwight Moore

My wife makes the best tasting Toas-Tite® Pie Iron sandwiches. Break up some ground beef and cook; set aside . Butter two slices of wheat sandwich bread on one side each. Add one slice to cooker, butter side down. Add 2 tbsp. ground beef, 3 tbsp. tomato sauce and one slice of Velveeta cheese. Add other slice of bread, (butter side out), and cook. Delicious!


My parents still have their original Toas-Tite® Pie Iron. We grew up making leftover brisket sandwiches in it. Mmm...mouth watering!

Liz Iradjpanah

OMG, For about 10 year or more now I have been searching the internet for what I knew as, Pudgy Pie's Maker, and when sandwich makers started coming up with them, the electric ones, just not the same... Bought them all. I can't wait to try it, I have my family all hyped up. I grew up with this, Thanks so much. I grew up in Chicago too. Ah comfort food...

Joyce Boon

I am so excited to receive my purchase. Along with everyone here. I was raised on these sandwiches. I gave my Mom's Toas-Tite® Pie Iron to my daughter. My Mom would have a lot of peanut butter and jelly ones waiting for us kids for lunch. I didn't see this one on the recipe site but she would use apple sauce and cinnamon also 🙂

Jim Blitch

In the 50's, we were allowed to make our own Toas-Tite® Pie Iron sandwiches because it was safe. Sometimes we added jelly! It never survived the transition of generations so I was excited to have it show up on on a search.

Jeanne Carelli

We used to always take ours with us when we went camping. They made GREAT campfire apple pies!

Dave & Janice Enman

We got our first Toas-Tite® Pie Iron from my wife's mother and as our three girls grew up loving the toasted cheese sandwiches, we scoured garage sales and antique marts for more. Each of them has one and we have 5 plus a couple of clones in our collection. Mom and the girls had a Toas-Tite® Pie Iron party Sunday night. My wife says I can stop looking now.

Julie Nicolay

Like everyone else here, I grew up with a Toas-Tite® Pie Iron and my mom made us grilled cheese with Velveeta and plain ol' white bread (pretty much all we had back then). Sometimes she'd put in other stuff with the cheese, but my brother and I liked plain the best. She still has hers and told me when she's gone, Phil and I can duke it out over the Toas-Tite® Pie Iron, LOL! Next time I visit, I'm gonna have to make us some grilled cheeses and even go out and buy a little box of Velveeta just for that one lunch!

Ed Samson

Wow! I still have my original Toas-Tite® Pie Iron (stamped "Pat. No.2463439") and used it just a couple of months ago for grilled cheese. My favorite was peanut butter and jelly. mmm, nothing better. Good luck with sales. I bet some veggie recipes would go well these days.

Ann & Deb Diaz

The best sandwich maker EVER!! I still use the one my mom used for us as kids. My sister and I would share it until she finally found one for herself. Never having seen one before he met me, it is now my husband's favorite kitchen item to make awesome grilled cheese sandwiches. I plan on ordering a few as holiday gifts!

Stuart Blum

My mother used to burn everything, even the Toas-Tite® Pie Iron grilled cheese sandwiches, where the sides of the bread sticking out would catch on fire. I still have the original that we grew up with in the 50's and 60's. It's the only thing of my mother's that I kept after she was gone, besides her personality!

Nancy Wang

I love my mom's old Toas-Tite® Pie Iron!  I too remember the grilled cheese and cream tomato soup after playing outside in the snow all morning and being called in to lunch! Warm and cozy memories. The 50's. Now my daughter covets my Toas-Tite® Pie Iron! She'll have to buy one of yours!!! I'm not ready to give mine up!!

Herb Blickhan

Wow! Was I surprised to see this ad on FaceBook. I have an original with red enameled wood handles. After reading the other entries, one needs to know that low heat is the key to the perfect Toas-Tite® Pie Iron creation.

Jack Hertz

I was going through my mom's effect after her passing and found a Toas-Tite® Pie Iron. It brought back such found childhood memories of grill cheese sandwiches and a cup of soup on a cold rainy day. It was one of the few things I grabbed for my own. I brought it home, and like an excited little kid, I cleaned it up in anticipation of my first "saucer sandwich". Unfortunately I wasn't the one who made them back in the day, so I burned up the bread and the cheese leaked all over. Needless to say my wife was not a fan, and it was relegated to a top shelf in the pantry. I am very excited to have found this site...God Bless the Internet!!!

T. Davis

Oh my word! I grew up going to Catholic school and my mom made egg Toas-Tite® Pie Iron sandwiches, for us to have at school after going to Mass on Friday mornings. I have talked about that device for years and longed for one. I will certainly be ordering one, or two or three!

Rob Deichl

We had one growing up in the '50s. Put a fresh egg in the bread but cooking it so the egg was runny and whites set without burning the bread was difficult. When it turned out there was nothing like it. Grilled cheese was easier. Mom put jelly in the bread once and almost got third degree burns.

Katherine D. Miller

Growing up in the late forties to the sixties, Toas-Tite® Pie Iron was an every day sandwich maker in my mother Katherine's Kitchen. I had her Toas-Tite® Pie Iron up until my last move, and it disappeared. I was so happy to see I could get a new one, and I will be buying them for my friends as well. My favorite was grilled cheese tomato, and bacon, or corned, or roast beef hash, or the more traditional grilled cheese with a side of tomato soup. Love Toas-Tite® Pie Irons plan to order one next week.

Newton Gold

We have had a Toas-Tite® Pie Iron for the past 40 years. Our grown Kids love it.


Had many copies through the years to use for my children to make grilled cheese sandwiches. They just weren't heavy and made like the original my mother had in the 50's! Just bought 2 for me and my sister! My girls & son just don't cook due to their careers and travel. Will be a special treat when they are "home" visiting. Can't wait to get them.

Joel Levy

I just posted a Toas-Tite® Pie Iron recipe, steak with hot tomato peppers, so good!  Thank you for reinventing a great product!

Joan Patch

Great for girl scouts!

Art Kraus

Wow! My late grandmother had one of these when I was a kid (many, many years ago) in Wisconsin. We'd make cherry pies (pie filling between two slices of bread) with a little sugar on the outside. This brings back many fond memories.

Hank Loescher

At square dancing /camping weekends many of our after parties featured Toas-Tite® Pie Iron "Goochie Pies" made with canned pie fruit filling.  I also like pepperoni and swiss ones.


I have 2 of your Toas-Tite® Pie Irons. one is a red handled one and says it is patent pending and the other is black handled like the one in the video, we used it when I was a child. What is the red handled one worth?

Jesse Ray

I grew up eating 'Toast Tights' as I thought they were called. My mom made them for my friends, and for years I would come home to find my friends in the kitchen wolfing them down!

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