Toas-Tite® XL Camper Pie Iron

Toas-Tite® XL Camper Pie Iron


A favorite with campers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Toas-Tite® XL Camper Pie Iron can be used over a fireplace, fire pit, BBQ grill and campfire. Grill some fun and delicious toasted pocket sandwiches and snacks; like ham and cheese, western omelet, pizza, fruit pies, sweet s’mores, waffles and berries and more.

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Product Description

  • Replica of the 1949 original Toas-Tite® Pie Iron with XL handles. Measures 21.75″
  • Proudly made in the USA from sturdy aluminum with steel rods and hardwood handles.
  • Recipe ideas included on packaging.
  • Easy to clean; hand wash in warm soapy water recommended.