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Two Sisters with One Crazy Idea!

Sue and Jan have been Yin + Yang, Fric + Frac, for most of their lives. Growing up in the Northwest Chicago suburbs during the sixties, their Mom’s Toas-Tite® grilled cheese pudgy pie, along with hot tomato soup, was as much a part of the winter experience as skating on the pond in their backyard.

toasttite-sister2toasttite-sister1Fast forward 30 years. Sue finds a Toas-Tite® Pie Iron, just like the one she remembers at a road side table, during an outing to the Covered Bridge Festival. “Hey Jan, Look at this!” Instant flashback, smiles and OMGs are followed by “I have to have it.”

But one won’t do. Jan wants one for herself, and what about getting one for each of the kids? Upon searching the internet, Jan sees they are not the only ones thinking, “Why isn’t anyone making this?”

Now the crazy part…Sue and Jan, along with their spouses, dip into their retirement funds and spend most of 2010 and 2011, going through all the necessary steps to bring the Toas-Tite® Pie Iron back to the market.

September 2011, the sisters introduce the Toas-Tite® Pie Iron at a street fair on Broadway, in New York City.

It’s Back!

“Every time we do a Toas-Tite demo, people come up to us with a welcoming smile and then share their favorite Toas-Tite® memory… and we just love it,” says Sue.